Instructions for Authors

Full Paper Submission

The following journals have agreed to publishing special issues on APBC2014:

You can prepare your APBC 2014 submission using the formatting template of any of the four journals above. The formatting requirements and templates are given below:

In general, you should use the template of the journal whose preferred themes are closest to your paper. For example, papers that are more algorithmic in nature are slightly preferred at TCBB, papers that are more systems biology modeling in nature best fit BMC Systems Biology, papers that are more geonomic in nature are slightly preferred at BMC Genomics, and papers that are more bioinformatic methods and techniques in nature are preferred at BMC Bioinformatics. However, note that you may be required to reformat your paper after its acceptance to conform to the journal special issue that the paper is assigned to.

The APBC 2014 submission website is