Call For Papers

Genome Informatics Workshop (GIW) is the longest running international bioinformatics conference, which has provided unique opportunities that bridge theory and experiments, academia and industry, and East and West.

The First GIW was held at Kikai Shinko Kaikan, Tokyo during December 3-4, 1990 as an open workshop just before the Japanese Human Genome Project started in 1991. Since 1993, GIW changed to an international conference. GIW 2000 had more than 500 participants and it was no longer a "workshop". From 2001, the first year of 21st Century, the name of this annual meeting was changed to "International Conference on Genome Informatics" while keeping GIW as its acronym because the name GIW was established in the community.

The 27th International Conference on Genome Informatics (GIW 2016) will be held at Fudan University, Shanghai, China on October 3-5, 2016. The aims of the conference are to present recent results of both theoretical and practical research, to show new applications, to demonstrate systems, and to indicate directions of future research. Papers in all areas related to works that are ultimately devoted to the computational understanding of biological systems on a molecular basis will be considered.

Papers are solicited on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Sequencing technologies
  2. Genome analysis
  3. Comparative genomics
  4. Epigenomics
  5. Metagenomics
  6. Transcriptome
  7. Motif search/discovery
  8. RNA structure and function
  9. Physical and genetic maps
  10. Protein structure/function/interaction
  11. Pathways, networks and systems
  12. Drug discovery and repositioning
  13. Evolution and phylogeny

Following previous GIW conferences, all accepted papers by GIW 2016 will be published in a series of special issues of international journals:

  1. Bioinformatics (IF 4.98)
  2. BMC Genomics (IF 3.99)
  3. BMC Systems Biology (IF 2.44)
  4. BMC Bioinformatics (IF 2.58)
  5. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (IF 1.44)
  6. Computational Biology and Chemistry (IF 1.12)
  7. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (IF 0.78)

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